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Dr. Khader Hajal, is the founder and CEO of Al- Hajal Optics. He is a Palestinian / Swedish National, married to Suma Khazmo and has two daughters: Joyce and Nathalie. He was born in Ramallah City / Palestine in 1983; where he finished his High School Diploma in 2002, at the Lutheran School of Hope. Afterwards, he obtained his Optometry Degree from The prestigious University: The Karolinska Institute, Stockholm / Sweden in 2008. This followed by passing the International Board of Optometry and Contact lens specialty from the Swedish Ministry of Health. He worked as an Optometrist and contact lens specialist in Sweden, before settling in Ramallah and founding the Al- Hajal Optics Center in 2009; that implements cutting edge technologies in the fields of Optometry and Ophthalmology; duplicating Dr. Hajal's European experience in those fields.

Dr. Hajal practices general optometry with an emphasis on disease diagnosis and treatment. He offers: contact lenses fitting, dry eye disease and routine vision care services and glasses prescription and accommodation. Also, he oversees both: Low Vision Examinations and Visual Therapy Examinations.

Dr. Khader Hajal can be reached at:
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Cellular: +972-598981098
Tel/fax: +970-2-2956270

Suma Jack Khazmo; Public Relations and Creative Director at Al- Hajal Optics


Mrs Khazmo is the public Relations/ Creative Director and website admin at al –Hajal Optics since 2009 till present. She was born in Jerusalem / Palestine in 1984, and still lives there till the present day. She is married to Optometrist Khader Hajal with two daughters Joyce and Nathalie. Mrs. Khazmo finished her High School Diploma from the Rosary Sisters High School in 2001, where she also obtained a Diploma in French Language DELF; certified by the French Ministry of Education in 1999 . Afterwards, she obtained both her: BA Degree in Journalism and Political Science (2005), and her Masters Degree in International Studies (2009) from the renown Birzeit University, Birzeit / Palestine.

She finished an internship at the renown Palestinian Al-Ayyam Daily Newspaper in 2001. Mrs Khazmo also has worked at the deep – rooted Palestinian Political Magazine Al Bayader Assiyassi as an editor, correspondent and website and Social Media administrator from 2001 till present.

She has overseen and produced different kinds of projects, for example:

1- she Produced a Children's Magazine named "Jawla Maqdisiyya", a project sponsored by: The PalVision Youth institute, in co-operation with the Palestinian Ministry of Youth and Sports, and funded by the British Council/Jerusalem,

2- Produced a Youth Magazine named "Bia'qlamuna" (Our Pens); sponsored by the Media Department at Birzeit University and funded by Jawwal, the Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company and Al- Bayader Political Magazine.

3- participated in a model of the United Nation's Security Council at Osnabruck University -Osnabruck / Germany, and in 2006 at the related UN Security model "BirMUN" at Birzeit University, Birzeit / Palestine.

All in all, Mrs. Khazmo aims to imply all her Journalistic, Media, communication and research expertise in the fields of optometry and ophthalmology; in order to promote better eye health and optimal eye sight.

Mrs. Suma Jack Khazmo can be reached at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cellular: +972-598981098
Tel/fax: +970-2-2956270

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